Health Hero™ Training Program


Heart Health Heroes™ are exceptional members of our community who have (or have had) heart disease or cardiovascular risk factors that they have successfully managed through adherence to their medical and healthy lifestyle behaviours program. Heart Health Heroes volunteer as cardiovascular patient partners to introduce group walking activities and help navigate patients towards services and information that will most support achievement of their heart health goals.

Heart Health Heroes™ have met the following milestones:

  • undertaken a 12 week Heart Health Coaching program
  • achieved 3 star Heart Hero status: average of 10,000 steps per day, reduced sedentary time by 30-60 minutes per day, and adherence to medications.
  • undertaken the Heart Health Heroes™ training workshops


Heart Health Heroes™ offer valuable support to Heart Health Champions, who are trained health professionals delivering health coaching to cardiovascular patients. As a team, bridges between daily life and clinic life are established, providing a more cohesive, ongoing approach to healthcare.

One-day training workshop for Heart Health Heroes.

Topics include:

  • The role of the Heart Health Hero™
  • The Heart Health Coach Model: Heart Heart Heroes™, Heart Health Champions™ and Heart Health Mentors™
  • Heart Heroes Walking Groups™ – leadership, coordination, communication, safety, scope of the role, referring to Champions, promoting a sense of community and a supportive heart health culture
  • Heart Health Hero™ tool kit

Heart Health Heroes™ must undergo a police check and hold a working with children’s card.

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