Start your rewarding career as a Certified Health Coach and truly make a difference – coaches transform lives! Face to Face, Live Virtual Sessions, Lorne Retreats & workplace options available!
Advanced Coaching Course – Level 2

The coaching excellence program​ is for health, leadership, business and personal coaches who want to stand out, master their coaching skills and work towards furthering their ICF credentials.

Coaching Skills For Health Behaviour Change – Fitness & Health

This continuing education course focuses on providing fitness & health professionals with the knowledge, skills & tools to guide patients/clients towards changes in health & lifestyle behaviours that impact on health, wellbeing and fitness of clients. Completion of this course will provide participants with an exemption from the first module in our Health Coaching Level 1 Course - a great way to gain an overview of health coaching!

Full Mentor Package

We mentor coaches locally and around the world who are working toward their ICF credential at MCC, PCC or ACC level.
We'll help you make sense of the credentialing process and we'll work together to deepen your understanding of the core competencies, how they apply to your coaching and the different distinctions that exist at each level of credential.
We'll help you to understand your strengths as a coach as well as the areas of your coaching that you'll need to develop to achieve the credential that you seek.

What is Health Coaching?

A Health Coach partners with a client to explore how health related behaviours associated with lifestyle and nutrition can be optimised for sustained health and well-being.

  • Mindfit Health Coaching

    Our thoughts, emotions and attitudes dictate our actions and behaviours. A healthy mindset is the foundation for health. Creating self-awareness about the strengths that push you towards your goals and the factors that hold you back is the first step in coaching for a 'fit mind'

  • Healthy Rituals

    Health Coaching allows the time and space to explore why we do the things we do, what actions & choices serve us and what we can let go of. Adopting behaviours that serve our health in a positive way is one of the many outcomes of health coaching.

  • Transformation

    Our deeper understanding of how our emotions, thoughts, and feelings impact our actions & behaviours; allows us to reshape and reframe in a way that sets us on a pathway towards positive transformation at any stage of life.

  • Self Actualisation

    By partnering with a Health Coach, we set the path to live a life that is focused on being the best we can be. A focus on making an impact on others, having a purpose/passion and striving for self improvement can lead to fulfilment.


5 Day immersion training program in beautiful Lorne

Start your rewarding coaching career with our highly experiential program lead by our ICF MCC & PCC coach faculty team. This program meets the training hour requirements for ICF ACC credentialing and sets you on the right path to launch your professional coaching career. Next intake: MAY 21-25 2018  Course Flier



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Our vision is to be the industry leaders in health coach education by delivering quality educational programs upholding the gold standard in coaching accreditation. Our programs are dedicated to producing highly respected coaches who, through their partnering with clients, change the landscape of the health care sector and improve the health and well-being of our community.

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