The World Health Organisation, Heart Foundation and other leading health bodies have identified physical inactivity as a major contributor to chronic disease on a global scale. With only 40% of our population meeting the daily minimum guidelines for physical activity, it's time to take action and reach those will benefit most. Active Lifestyle Coaches are health professionals who are trained in the field of promoting physically active lifestyles to members of the community who are at risk of chronic disease, or who are diagnosed with a chronic disease.

The Coaching Mindset in Health

This course highlights the distinction between the traditional health service / medical care approach and the health coaching approach to lifestyle health management.

Are you a Champion of healthy living?

Health Coaches International has a unique approach to promoting healthy and active lifestyles. We work to build the skills and resources for Health Coaches to guide clients towards reaching and maintaining their optimal health . Living a long and healthy life is a what we all hope for in life.

  • Health Coach Roles

    Health Coaches work on a deeper level than most health consultants who typically identify and solve problems through prescriptive advice. Health Coaches explore the whole person and partner with clients to build an awareness of the journey required to reach sustainable, long term health goals.

  • Health Coach Goals

    Health Coaches form partnerships with their clients to explore meaningful goals and how best to achieve them.

  • Health Coach Settings

    Health Coaches can work in many fields of health. They can work with patients in the clinical setting, in fitness studios, corporate health and general community health. Health Coaching can enhance the careers of health professionals through delivering 1:1, group. virtual or tele-coaching.

Our passion is to empower health professionals to lead individuals towards adopting and maintaining active and healthy lives through engagement in physical activity, healthy nourishment and adoption of a mindset that supports good health. Our Health Behaviour Change, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health Coaching courses provide a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to enable professionals to have a positive impact on our community. Our desired outcome is to help reduce chronic disease and obesity rates and effectively build partnerships with individuals and groups to change lifestyle factors that impact on health. 97% of our community knows they need to eat better and move more but less than 30% act on this and only 12% attend gyms. Health Coaching along with effective nutrition and exercise program delivery by well-trained health professionals can close this health gap, saving and improving lives.

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