Health Behaviour Change Guidance and Coaching Strategies: Lifestyle

This course provides health professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to guide patients/clients
towards changes in health & lifestyle behaviours that impact on health and disease risk.

Short Course: Superfoods

This course takes an up-close look at the notion of Superfoods and compares media hype to evidence based literature. Exam

Are you a Champion of healthy living?

Health Champs are individuals with a passion for health and wellbeing and a willingness to promote health and wellness to their fellow peers, colleagues, staff or team at work.
Health Champs inspire and motivate peers to participate in health and wellbeing programs offered in the workplace.

  • Health Champ Roles

    Health Champions are employees who work to improve the health and culture of the workplace in conjunction with a workplace health and wellbeing program or service. The social connection with peers and aility to communicate with co-workers about health and wellbeing opportunities provides Health Champs with a great advantage over other methods to promote workplace health.

  • Become a Health Champ in your workplace

    Health champs add this important and rewarding role to their usual employment to expand their personal passion for health, create variety in their role and/or to improve their skills and experience in communication, promotional campaigning and leadership.

Our passion is to empower health professionals to lead individuals towards adopting and maintaining active and healthy lives through engagement in physical activity, healthy nourishment and adoption of a mindset that supports good health. Our Health Behaviour Change, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health Coaching courses provide a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to enable professionals to have a positive impact on our community. Our desired outcome is to help reduce chronic disease and obesity rates and effectively build partnerships with individuals and groups to change lifestyle factors that impact on health. 97% of our community knows they need to eat better and move more but less than 30% act on this and only 12% attend gyms. Health Coaching along with effective nutrition and exercise program delivery by well-trained health professionals can close this health gap, saving and improving lives.

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