Employee Performance Development and Management KIT

Attracting, engaging and retaining high performing employees is an ongoing challenge for HR and people and culture managers. Constantly recruiting new employees is a costly process. Traditional performance management processes can be time consuming, overwhelming and lead to high levels of anxiety for both HR managers and employees alike.
Our employee lifecycle Performance Development Program includes all the resources, processes and tools to make your job as HR professionals more managable and the experience more transparent and positive for your people.

  • Employee Induction and Onboarding Kit

    Our Employee Induction and Onboarding Program streamlines your employee performance and development management processes by providing all the resources and tools needed within a 5 stage program.

  • Performance Development Program

    Our Employee Performance Management Program helps to retain your talented employees through an organised process that helps you monitor performance, co-create learning and career development plans and develops employees to align with organisational and personal goals.

Without a well managed performance development plan it’s easy for employees to feel under-valued, not recognised and not appropiately rewarded for their contribution to your organisation. Our resources and tools that help to manage performance at every stage of their employment lifecycle will increase your chance of maintaining the peopleĀ  that are most important to the business.

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Save time, money, energy and resources with our easy to use induction and performance management kits.