Learning outcomes and topics:

 MODULE 1: Cardiovascular disease in Australia: an overview
  • Define cardiovascular disease and explain the implications of CVD for Australians.
  • Explain potential barriers and enablers to implementation of guideline-concordant CV care.
  • Identify modifiable factors at the network, practice and individual level for improved health care service delivery.
MODULE 2:  Health Coaches a bridge between patients and clinicians and for improving health outcomes
  • Explore the impact of capacity building among Indigenous health workers both at the community and individual level
MODULE 3: Health Behaviour Change Theory – the essentials             
  • Explain health behaviour theory and applications in health coaching
MODULE 4: Dealing with the emotions: depression, anxiety and heart disease
  • Identify common mental health related impacts of cardiovascular disease and risk factor diagnosis
  • Demonstrate effective referral plans for supporting the mental health of CV patients
MODULE 5: Coaching communication for healthy behaviour changes and cardiac wellbeing       
  • To effectively demonstrate implementation of the core coaching competencies for conducting effective coaching conversations
MODULE 6: Goal setting, co-designed action planning and dealing with setbacks           
  • Co-create health-related goals based on meeting patients where they are
  • Demonstrate effective motivational interviewing techniques to guide clients to goal achievement
  • Monitor and assess coaching program effectiveness for continual improvement
MODULE 7: Implementing the heart health coach program: key outcome measures for coaches, patients and clinicians      
  • Integrating lifestyle health guidelines for CV health outcomes
  • Demonstrate competency in core coaching skills
  • Demonstrate effective patient monitoring skills
  • Demonstrate effective clinician reporting procedures

The Cardiovascular Health Coaching Course: Heart Health Champions™ Program

Is open to health professionals who have completed a minimum of Certificate III in primary health or allied health field. By training health specialists we will be able to more rapidly scale cardiovascular health expertise across our health networks. The course will be provided on location or on a virtual online platform supplemented with 3 x monthly group mentor webinars and one 1:1 Coach Mentoring session. Rural / remote participants will also be able to complete the course online by virtual classroom.

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