Values: Stand for Something or Fall for Everything

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times. Making decisions can be difficult. Most of us are faced with big life decisions at some point, and when it becomes difficult to formulate a decision around what to eat for lunch, making big impactful decisions can have us whirling in circles, swaying from yes to no to maybe and back to yes before we can decipher our coffee order.

Knowing our true, authentic self can help make decision making easier. This means truly understanding our core values. Although a well-made strong Italian coffee first thing in the morning may be highly valued, here we are talking about our inner values that allow us to navigate the world in which we live in the best possible way.

So, let’s take a closer look at what this means. The word value comes from the Latin word; valere; meaning strength or to be strong. Values are therefore linked to our foundation as human beings, without which we are weak. Having values means we stand for our beliefs. Ignoring values means we fall for everything. Without the foundation of values, in short, we are on shaky ground and eventually we’ll fall.

Think about it for a moment. What do you really stand for? What do you value most? Think of 2-3 values. Is it family, love, intimacy, honesty, integrity, respect, courage, humility, fun, freedom or health (the list is endless)? Then go a step further; what is it about these values that make them valuable to you? If you value family is it the special times spent around the dinner table laughing and sharing that you value the most? If it’s love that you value, is it intimate times holding hands and feeling warmth that you value the most? If it’s integrity, is it the courage you feel when standing up for your beliefs that you value most? Once you know your values and understand the special attributes that make them most valuable to you, they act as a torch that lights your path at times of darkness, form your pathway through the forest or shine warmth upon you on a cold, cloudy day.

Now give your value set a name – your ‘signature set’. ¬†These are your go-to reminders of your authentic-self.

Values are powerful. Values:
Effect your attitude
Give you character
Form your principles
Direct your conduct
Guide your ethics
Speak to your conscience
Bring ideals
Form your beliefs
Write your code
Build your standards
Give conviction
Light your spirit
Form your habits
Strengthen your traits
Are your ‘real’
Inspire you
Form your psyche
Are applauded by others
Are eulogised

What an amazing list! Do, you see here that values are powerful? We are all incredibly time-poor these days but it’s simply evident here. Investing time in getting in touch with your values will serve you well in all areas of your life.

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Written by Kristin McMaster, Executive Health Coach, ICF member & Director, Health Coaches International – passionate about building an army of good – an army of Coaches to positively impact lives!