Meet the Team Series: Richard Day

I’ve worked with Richard for over 20 years. I remember the first time I met him very clearly. I was attending a 3 day professional development course in the fitness industry and he was one of the presenters. He had a certain style that was both captivating and entertaining. I hunted him down afterwards and asked him if he would like to be a presenter with my company (at the time, we were the first Registered Training Organisation to deliver PT courses nationally). He presented courses related to conducting a successful PT business and, later, Life Coaching and I always ensured I attended. I would leave with sore cheeks – having laughed and smiled so much throughout his sessions. In his Life Coaching courses, I vividly remember participants walking out on the last day, each giving Richard a hug and wiping (happy) tears from their face.

So, if you are lucky enough to meet Richard, I feel your life will probably be all the more richer from the experience. Here is my interview with Richard about his thoughts on coaching:

What does coaching means to you?

Coaching is the perfect process for people to learn about themselves and then to decide how to improve who they are and what they do.

The authentic coaching process relies on deep reflection to achieve change and progress as well as developing inner intelligence.

 Why did you choose coaching?

I am not sure if I chose coaching or if coaching chose me. My previous career choices were all aligned with getting the best out of people and so I think that coaching became the natural progression and when I first started coaching some 15 years ago…there was no body else working in the space in Melbourne as far as I could ascertain.

What do you love most about coaching?

I love coaching because it allows people to grow and develop and realise their potential sometimes without even realising it.

What type of clients do you enjoy working with most?

The clients that I work with are also the ones I enjoy most as working with any client that is open to the process of coaching is a pleasure to spend time with.

What are your specialties?

My coaching interests are Self Leadership, Leadership and Team Dynamics.

What is your coaching style?

There are four main styles that influence my coaching practice:

  1. Ontological coaching
  2. Existential coaching
  3. Transpersonal coaching
  4. Solution based coaching
  5. Positive psychology coaching

 What impact has coaching had on your clients?

This tends to vary depending on the individual however the intention is always the same from my perspective…Connection, inspiration and fulfillment.

 How has coaching impacted your own life?

It has allowed me to become more open to the development opportunities of others and my motivation for being involved in their development.

 How do you wish to contribute to students learning to become coaches?

My wish is to enable more people to become confident enough and intelligent enough to be able to understand why they experience what they experience and how to change it if necessary.

What is the future of coaching?

I think that coaching has a massive future and will continue to morph and change however it is critical that it does have a future as the evolution of humanity depends on the developing skill of self reflection and individual thought leadership.


Written by Kristin McMaster, Director, Health Coaches International

Richard Day is a Key Presenter and Coaching Faculty Member of Health Coaches International and he conducts our Business of Coaching course. He is also available as a mentor coach and presents in a wide selection of our courses. If you are interested in in-house Coaching Courses for your team, Richard is the perfect presenter to guide this for your company. Inquire at: