What Can Health & Fitness Professionals do with a Coaching Qualification?

As a Health and Fitness professional, you are naturally passionate about health, wellbeing and fitness. You feel so deeply about this passion, that you embarked on a journey to live it.

Newcomers to the Health and Fitness industry enter their career with energised enthusiasm, fist pumping exuberance and a sense of  ‘doing good’. You take on new clients in the hope that they too share your passion.

If you’re committed to your profession, you’re the type to seek out learning opportunities at every opportunity. I remember almost 15 years ago, as a fitness manager with a couple of degrees and fitness certificates under my belt, I thought I knew quite a bit. Hungry for more, I enrolled in a nutrition workshop thirsty to deepen my knowledge on Sports Nutrition. Then, the Phd Dietitian standing in front of the equally keen audience made a statement that has stayed with me to this very day. He announced, “The more I know, the more I realise I don’t know”. He had a Phd in Dietatics!!

Along with many of my fellow colleagues, I embarked on a journey of learning and passing on my learnings to my clients, all in the hope of resolving obesity, chronic disease and making the world healthier. Some years (decades) down the track, the facts show we have made little impact. The statistics are not reflective of our hard work; our over-flowing enthusiasm.

Health Coaching fills the gaping crack. Fitness and Health Professionals with coaching skills can target the following client needs:

Coaching clients:

  • to challenge the limiting beliefs that are preventing them from reaching their health goals
  • to develop better relationships with food and diet
  • to effectively deal with their inner critic who’s telling them they’re not worth it
  • to develop passion and purpose
  • to hold a vision for who they wish to be
  • to deal with chronic pain in a way that serves them positively
  • to explore the patterns of thoughts and emotions that control their actions and health habits
  • to build awareness of how their inner world impacts them and how they impact others
  • to take control and be present in their own life, building social, emotional and mental health
  • to maintain a future-moving focus

Being a healthy person takes more than knowing what to do. Most people know they need to move more and eat ‘healthier’ – but they choose not to do it. Coaching unveils the reasons for this and allows the client to build the awareness of what it takes to make their desires come to fruition.

Health Coaching is complimentary to any Health/fitness professional role, but it is a separate skill set. By becoming a Certified Health Coach, you will learn and master the skills and practices of Health Coaching to go deeper with your clients, impact them in a new and more significant way and renew your passion for your health career.

Kristin McMaster, Director Health Coaches International  

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