Short Course: Recipe Analysis – modifying ingredients for health outcomes


Food is a popular topic of discussion between health and fitness professionals and their clients.

This course does not promote that clients follow a certain type of diet. However, health professionals having a general knowledge about how diets and meals are modified to cater for specific diets is beneficial to highlight the need to refer clients on for professional advice if inappropriate or dangerous food statements or food practices are revealed by clients.

Learning Outcome:

1. Provide examples of modifications that can be made to common
recipes to cater for various dietary needs including: General diets for
High Carbohydrate; High Protein; Low fat; High fat; Atkins; Mediterranean; Gluten Free; High Antioxidant/phytochemical absorption
2. Explain how menus and recipes can be modified to cater for specific
diets including liquid diets; eating pre and post events for endurance;
eating pre and port workout for strength; carbohydrate loading

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