Health Team Mentor Training Program


Heart Health Team Mentors Training Program involves a 2 day workshop/ 20 hour training program to develop leadership and management skills and knowledge suitable to oversee teams of Heart Health Heroes and Champions and deliver the Heart Health program.

The Training Program supports the key roles of  the Heart Health Team Mentor role. These include:

  • Overseeing clinic based teams of Heart Health Champions and Heart Health Heroes
  • Providing induction for new team members
  • Guiding coaching skill development of Heart Health Champions
  • Monitoring team performance and supports improvement and development of the team
  • Coordinating Heart Health Hero teams and training requirements
  • Recruiting new Heart Health Heroes from the community
  • Liaising with Clinicians and healthcare team for patient management and monitoring
  • Providing reports to Clinicians on request for the management of cardiovascular patients
  • Performing bi-annual performance reviews of team members

The Training Program involves the following topics:

  1. Key Leadership Skills for healthcare coaching teams
  2. Conducting effective induction programs
  3. Conducting evaluations of performance
  4. Team recruitment and management skills/ tools
  5. Communication skills for clinician communications
  6. Using the Heart Health Platform
  7. Trouble shooting – managing team issues



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