The primary objective of this course is to establish Health Champion™ coach teams within the existing clinical workforce who champion active lifestyles through physical activity coaching and walking group leadership. Health workers, liaison officers, nurses, social workers and allied health specialists are eligible to complete this training. Upon completion, Health Champions™ receive ongoing Coach Mentor support.

MODULE 1: The role of Health Champions in Healthcare        
  • the relationship between the clinic, the patient and the health champion
MODULE 2: The role of Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle behaviours in the management of chronic disease risk factors            
  • the relationship between physical activity and health.
  • physical activity and sedentary time guidelines of various bodies on an international scale.
MODULE 3: Health Behaviour Change Theory – the essentials             
  • health behaviour theory and applications in health coaching for physical activity
MODULE 4: Coaching communication for active behaviour changes and wellbeing        
  • effectively demonstrate implementation of the core coaching competencies for conducting effective coaching conversations
MODULE 5: Goal setting, co-designed action planning and dealing with setbacks
  • Co-creating health-related goals based on meeting individuals where they are
  • effective motivational interviewing techniques to guide clients to goal achievement
  • Monitoring and assessing coaching program effectiveness for continual improvement
MODULE 6: Implementing the healthcare coach program: key outcome measures for coaches, patients and clinicians      
  • Integrating physical activity/sedentary time guidelines for health outcomes
  • competency in core coaching skills
  • effective monitoring skills
  • effective clinician reporting procedures
Health Champion™ Coaching Tool Kit (Resource – online access)
  • effectively structure the implementation of the Braveheart Health Coaching Program using interactive health coaching tools.
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