Meet the Team Series: Sam’s Interview with Kristin McMaster

Kristin’s a go getter – creative, passionate, intelligent and driven. She backs herself to turn her dreams into reality. She’s also got bucket-loads of courage – the kind of courage where she chooses what’s important to her in life and goes for it – and generosity. She does the kind of stuff that inspires the people around her.

I really enjoy being on the same team as Kristin. She’s fun, has a wonderful family (including beautiful Luna her border collie) and loves the beauty of nature – whether that’s running in it, hiking in it, taking photos of it or sharing its joy with others. She lives an adventurous and full life.

Before we started working together, Kristin thought I was a soccer coach. But that’s a story for another day. Let’s get to know some more about Kristin:

What does coaching mean to you?

To me coaching is all about providing the opportunity for people to create the space they need to build awareness and empowerment for change.

Why did you choose coaching?

I also think coaching chose me in a way. It’s been a long and winding road, but always heading in this direction. I have always been passionate about health and I believe coaching connects with that on every level. Health encompasses everything about what we are as people and the choices and actions we take. I love that coaching can really transform a person’s approach to life in a positive way.

What do you love about coaching?

I love that it’s people focused and future focused. It has such a positive and energetic vibe about it. The more you learn about coaching, the more you feel its positive energy.

What type of clients do you work work/enjoy most?

I love clients who know they want to change and are open to exploring themselves and unlocking their potential. Most people have at least some moments of surprise in themselves. As people tend to underestimate their potential, being there when they realise there’s more is immensely rewarding.

What are your specialties?

My main areas of professional expertise are within health, leadership and business development  but I just truly like helping people.

What is your coaching style?

Integrity and respect are top of my list and so I hope that my coaching style reflects respect for the client and the coaching process and integrity about what we can and can’t do.

What impact has coaching had on your clients?

I’d like to think my clients feel a greater level of self-awareness and self-resourcefulness and see for themselves that their potential is unlimited.

How has coaching impacted your own life?

Big time. When I delved into coaching I thought it was all about helping people change by guiding them towards resources and ‘teaching’ them. But when I discovered what coaching truly is, it changed my perspective on so many things. The future oriented focus and flipping the negative to the positive, challenging entrenched perspectives, has had a very positive influence on my personal life.

How do you wish to contribute to students learning to become coaches?

I hope to come along on the journey with our students and really see them evolve into great coaches. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy to think skilled coaches will be joining the workforce and positively impacting the world.

What is the future of coaching?

I see it as huge. I had the same feeling when I was involved in the fitness industry in the late 90s. I knew something big was on the horizon and then, boom, the industry exploded. I feel this will happen with the coaching profession but in a less commercial way.

Written by Sam Patterson, Director of Training, Health Coaches International. Join us in our Coaching for Excellence courses: