Meet the Team Series: Alison Patterson

Friendly, authentic and super-nice! They are the top three words that spring to mind when I think of Ali. Our mutual love of running brought us together as participants of a running training program in preparation for the Great Ocean Road half marathon. We were in-sync from the very start. Not only was our running style and ability on par, we shared an academic background in nutrition and a professional passion for health and well being, minus the hype!  We have always been on the same page, to the point of selling homes at the same time and embarking on professional coaching simultaneously. I admire Ali for her approachability and professionalism. Always a pleasure to spend time with – here is my interview with Ali.


Why did you choose coaching?

My professional life started as a dietitian in a hospital before going on to specialise in sports nutrition in a career that has seen me work with some of the country’s best athletes. But through all of this, it felt like something was missing. Conversations about food and nutrition were just scratching the surface and I wanted to work with people on a deeper level. It was then I decided to formalise my coaching qualifications and haven’t looked back!!

What do you love about coaching?

I love that coaching allows people the time and space to dig deep to explore their own strengths and values and to understand the distractions, stories and tolerations that are holding them back. I love that through coaching people can discover who they really are and connect with what is most important to them. With this comes the clarity and confidence to create a life that excites them.

What type of clients do you work with /enjoy most?

I love coaching women who are successful but who feel unfulfilled. The women I work with are hard working, motivated and want more for themselves. They are honest, passionate and thoughtful. They care about the legacy they leave in the world and want to live a life meaning and purpose.

What is your coaching style?

My top values are love and honesty and I bring these to every coaching session to create an environment that fosters honest exploration and growth.

What impact has coaching had on your clients?

There are not many professions where you can truly change people’s lives – I love that as coaches we can have such a positive impact

How has coaching impacted your life?

When I decided to formalise my coaching qualifications and hire a coach I didn’t the immensely powerful adventure of self-discovery that I was about to dive head first into. Excitingly through the process I’ve discovered my passion and purpose in life – coaching.

How do you wish to contribute to students learning to become coaches?

In true coaching style, I believe that there is so much wisdom and resourcefulness in each of our students and I look forward to drawing this out through thought-provoking questions and group discussions.

What is the future of coaching?

Coaching is still a relatively new, and often misunderstood profession, but it’s really exciting that this is changing. As society demands more individualisation in all areas of work and life, there is no better fit to meet this need than coaching. The future of coaching is big!!


Alison Patterson is a Coaching Faculty member and Presenter for Health Coaches International and she is also an Advanced Sports Dietitian and ICF member. Join her in our “The Health Coaching Mindset” ICF CCE course and discover how a switch in approach to guiding client’s health can truly transform lives!