Can Coaching Change the World?

There’s so much going on in our world at the moment. We have so many ‘wars’ to fight. Let’s think about it:

  • There’s the war on obesity
  • Enduring poverty
  • The fight against chronic disease
  • The war on ‘terrorism’
  • The fight against violence and crime
  • The battle against cyber-bullying
  • The trouble in foreign lands
  • The threat of international war
  • Conflict close to home
  • Destruction of natural resources

The list goes on. I was thinking about this recently, and the amount of energy being placed into combatting all these battles. We’ve seen increased security and screening at everything from airports to sports grounds. We’ve seen CTV cameras installed in every public and private nook and cranny. We’ve seen recruitment drives for more police and enforcement officers. We’ve seen anti-terrorism rallies, immigration protests, and worst of all, we’ve seen nuclear weapons threatening us all.

This had me thinking; what if the same amount of attention and energy was more wisely invested? What if people became coaches instead of protestors? What if people had coaching instead of combat training? What if we created an army of coaches, flipping the perspective from the defensive to the empowered, from the negative to the positive, from the attacker to the resolver, from the resentful, hateful, angry to the forgiver, peacemaker, builder?

An over-idealistic and simplistic view – I am well aware! But, if I live by my values of respect, integrity, doing unto others as I want done to me. If I stand by this childish idealism and strive to educate as many people as I can in the positive energy of coaching, and this makes a difference to even a small percentage of our population’s lives, then I can at least stand behind these ideals that are nothing but positive and backed by a genuine hope to improve the lives of others.  What world you prefer?

Author: Kristin McMaster, Director, Health Coaches International, Masters Nutrition, Dip Fitness, Executive Health Coach

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