The 7 Gifts of Coaching

I love coaching! In fact, it wasn’t really until quite recently that I discovered the world of coaching and I have been blown away by the impact it has had on my own life. Coaching can bring so many benefits to your personal and professional life. Here are my top 8 coaching benefits that you can also enjoy!


Firstly, coaching improves client relationships. As a PT or health professional you may only see your client once. Listening to their goals, prescribing them a program, demonstrating technique and setting them free. The same conveyor belt of client appointments becomes shallow, mundane and unfulfilling. Coaching is reliant on establishing an ongoing partnership with your clients, usually for a minimum of 3 months. You engage with your client completely and on all levels. Remember, there are so many aspects of health other than exercise and diet. Think about it. Sleep, stress, enjoyment, relationships, work-life balance, and career satisfaction all contribute to health. As a health coach, you deal with the whole person, not just one dimension. Both the client and you as their coach, gain greater satisfaction from this interaction.

Secondly, true coaching is transformational. Transformations don’t and can’t just happen overnight. A coaching agreement typically is more long term. As your clients see and experience the benefits of this deeper and enriching relationship with you, your relationship with them becomes more meaningful to them.


Thirdly, since you are dealing with the client and not just their problem, you as a coach, have greater impact on their health and on their life. The factors that hold them back from reaching their health goals are addressed and the factors that will drive them forward are strengthened. The new awareness that the client has through coaching will impact many aspects of their life.


Fourthly, coaching enhances your career. You will be able to offer a completely different set of skills and services through coaching. It is important to treat them separately so as you gain benefit from the new bandwidth that coaching will offer you and the lines between training and coaching don’t become blurred.

Fifth, it adds to your business. Attracting new customers through coaching avenues will allow your business to grow. Keeping your current clients engaged in your new coaching services increases the likelihood of developing client loyalty – a valuable benefit to any business!

Sixth, coaching doesn’t have to take place face to face in the fitness studio when it’s available. It can be conducted face to face, sure, but also by virtual platforms such as skype and zoom in the comfort of the client’s home or office when it suits them. The barriers of time, travel, transport, and parking are all removed. Some coaches also take telephone sessions with clients.


Number seven is that coaching works. Knowing and trusting in the process of coaching means understanding that the client will gain from coaching what they need and want. As it’s client focused and a partnership, results are naturally produced.

And finally, coaching increases your career satisfaction and your satisfaction on a personal level. Most of us love to help people. We are passionate about health and fitness. We do want to have a deeper purpose and a greater impact. Coaching delivers this is bucket loads.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a certified coach today and reap the rewards!


Author: Kristin McMaster, Director, Health Coaches International, Masters in Nutrition, Dip Fitness, Grad Dip Business

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