About Us

Health Coaches International Vision

We strive to build a Health Coach workforce that partners with every sector of the health industry for a more connected  health system that enables individuals to feel they are the driver of their health.

About the Founder

Kristin has over 20 years in the health and fitness industry specializing in business management in the training and education field of the health and fitness sector. Kristin founded Fitnation PL in 1995 which went on to be the first national provider of formal training for personal trainers during the emergence of this sector of the industry. Kristin has developed over 50 professional development and certifying courses in health and has increasingly focused in recent years on the power of coaching in driving health behavior change to improve population health.

Kristin feels passionately about the ability of health coaches to truly impact an individual’s health by empowering people to realise the value that being healthy brings to their daily life.

Kristin is excited to partner with you on your coaching journey and hopes that you will come along and be a part of a professional health coach workforce that will make a difference to the world.